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The AMSOpen API allows Airports and Airlines to publish flight information to SITA FLIFO AMS Community members. It provides an open specification which allows airports and airlines share flight data through the SITA Flight Information systems.

This AMSOpen specification also allows for the sharing of private data which should only be shared to trusted partners.

Mandatory Operational Data


  • Origin-Destination Airports IATA & ICAO codes
  • Operating and Marteking Carrier Airlines IATA & ICAO codes
  • Scheduled, Estimated, and Actual times of departure and\or arrival
  • Aircraft types & registration code
  • Origin-Destination Airports
  • Status
  • Terminal
  • Gate and baggage claim

Detailed Event Data:

  • "ALDT" - Actual Landing Time
  • "AIBT" - Actual In Block Time
  • "AOBT" - Actual Off Block Time
  • "ATOT" - Actual Take Off Time
  • "ELDT" - Estimated Landing Time
  • "EIBT" - Estimated In Block Time
  • "EOBT" - Estimated Off Block Time
  • "ETOT" - Estimated Take Off Time
  • "TOBT" - Target Off Block Time
  • "TTOT" - Target Take Off Time

Optional Operational data

  • Stands Slots
  • Gates Slots
  • Carousels Slots
  • Chutes Slots
  • Check-in desks Slots

Community Data

Data that is limited to the AMS sites participating to community

  • Bag Stats\Count
  • PAX Stats\Count

Restricted Data

Data that is private to airport groups and partners

  • Upto 20 custom key\value attributes

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