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The Flight Information Notification service can provide users with real-time flight update information which is pushed over https directly to end users. Using the Flight Info v2 spec users can subscribe for a flight with an operation date between 2 days prior and 14 days in advance of current UTC scheduled departure date. 

This API service complements Flight Status API which allows users to poll our service for updates rather than subscribe. 

A subscription can be at the individual flight level or at the airline\airport levels. Real-time flight status updates help keep you and your customers informed on any delays or disruptions allowing you to plan accordingly. 

This API answers below questions with latest updates: 

  1. What is the status of a specific flight?
  2. At what time will the boarding start for a flight?
  3. What are the gate and terminal number of a specific flight?
  4. What is the baggage claim number to collect baggage from a specific flight?

With the Flight Status Notification Service you will receive instant flight status updates as they happen.

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