• Airport API

    The Airport API is a 'Hello World' API to allow you to explore how to register with Developer.aero, get application keys, use the Active Docs, and view your API usage.
  • BoardingPass API

    The BoardingPass API is a managed service provided by SITA allowing airlines complete flexibility in the creation, customisation and distribution of mobile boarding passes.
  • BagJourney API

    The BagJourney API provides a simple interface into the complex world of baggage management by allowing the retrieval of the real time status of a specific bag.
  • iTravel API

    The iTravel API provides a simple and cost effective alternative to the conventional development of airline customer applications using SITA’s Reservation Web Services (SRWS).
  • FlightInfo API

    The FlightInfo API (FliFo) provides flight statistics and information from airports around the world. The service also includes notifications for status changes to a particular flight.
  • BeaconRegistry API

    The BeaconRegistry is a registry of common use iBeacons for the Air Transport Industry (ATI). The registry is a SITA initiative and aims to promote the use of beacons in the Air Transport Industry.
  • SITA Web Services (SWS)

    SITA Web Services enable airline customers to develop their own secure in-house apps using data from Reservations, Fares, DCS and Ticketing.
  • Weather API

    The Weather API is a REST based service which provides current and forecasted weather data for locations around the world.
  • FlightFollower API

    The SITA Flight Follower API is a REST based service which provides map images of flights and their progress on a route.


  • Inflight Wi-fi Voucher API

    This API enables airlines and GDSs to retrieve Promotional Codes/Vouchers to enable passengers to purchase inflight Wi-Fi sessions.



Our developer.aero site is opened to any innovative third party APIs for
the Air Transport Industry that complement our initiatives and portfolio

Check out the BizTweet API that can provide flight updates via Twitter

* Disclaimer - SITA is not responsible for the operation or support of any third party API or service