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Baggage, Passenger Experience, Airport and Much More

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) modernize the way in which passenger, crew, airline and airport applications interact with the complex systems that process the data they need or feed. SITA provides a range of powerful APIs to the air transport industry and provide developers with access to data and tools to help them build complete passenger and aircraft solutions, from passenger travel planning and booking, to airport operations and security, baggage, aircraft connectivity and in-flight cabin and cockpit operations.

Our powerful APIs can be deployed individually or in various combinations, enabling you to:

  • deliver an integrated array of aviation data, rich content and alert notifications via a single user interface.
  • power customer-developed applications and other passenger facing digital touch points such as kiosks, digital signage and websites
  • reduce system integration complexity and eliminate costly point-to-point integrations
  • develop reusable and common components while ensuring the security of your data

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Developer programming with APIs

Flex API

SITA Flex is a next-generation common-use platform that facilitates a seamless transition to mobile passenger service and workforce solutions either on or off-airport, whilst maintaining full conventional common-use compatibility.

SITA Flex is ideal if you are looking to digitalize your passengers’ journey with mobile solutions or new applications whilst looking to reduce costs and opportunities to generate revenue. SITA Flex is also ideal if you are investing in digital channels, especially mobiles.

The platform makes it possible for airports and airlines to build native applications and seamlessly transition to mobile/touchless passenger service applications, leveraging passenger’s smart devices for interaction with all key touchpoints within the airport.

This will reduce airport furniture requirements and meet the changing environment in current times with scale for longer-term passenger growth. SITA Flex also supports airports and airlines needing to scale their operation up or down easily or needing to increase capacity and implement off-airport passenger processing (incl. bags etc..).


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New Distribution Capability



ATPCO and SITA partnered to make it easier for everyone to adopt NDC with the launch of NDC Exchange. This community marketplace enables connectivity across the entire ecosystem through one easy-to-use API.

A powerful cloud-based, scalable solution with real-time message translation, regardless of API, schema, or version, getting you NDC ready in quick time, with everything in one place .. fares, routes, seats, booking, ticketing, baggage, ancillaries, and now Routehappy rich content

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Passenger Flow Management

Growing market demand for automation and safety demonstrates Passenger Flow Management (PFM) is a natural fit for the new age of air travel, as the core intent of PFM is to automate passenger processing for a seamless passenger journey to ensure safety and security.

With the pandemic reshaping air travel, airports need to redesign the passenger journey and reform their security practices to ensure safety and security at the airport. This means increasing the steps in the passenger journey, automating as many checkpoints as possible, and replacing manual validations for touchless ones; capabilities which are satisfied by PFM.

Additionally, to cope with the dynamic nature of the situation, airports need a solution with the flexibility and agility to adapt the passenger journey and security practices to changing legislative and business requirements. These needs are also inherently addressed through PFM as validation decisions are based on aggregated data sources/systems and highly configurable business rules and passenger validations can be done via different devices such as: eGate, iOS app, etc..

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