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Note: BagJourney API is only available to customers that have an existing association with an airline.

The BagJourney API provides a simple interface into the complex world of baggage management by allowing the retrieval of the real time status of a specific bag, a list of bags on a particular flight or a list of events that describe the journey of a checked in bag or list of bags.

The BagJourney API enables you to:

  • Get the real-time status of a bag using either a bag tag number or passenger surname.
  • Get a list of bag tags for a particular flight or list of delayed tags for that flight.

This innovative solution is a simple and cost effective way of delivering control to your passengers to enable them to trace the status of their bags using either web based self service facilities or their own mobile devices. It also provides immediate information to agents and ground handlers enabling them to deal efficiently with the management of baggage arrival operations or delayed or lost baggage recovery situations.

With secure access to its own partition on the SITA developers’ platform, the APIs can easily integrate into the airline’s customer self service and other handling systems, streamlining baggage tracing and reporting functionality into existing mobile and web based processes.

Powered by SITA’s global baggage message management systems, the APIs can access the widest source of Baggage Information Messages (BIMs), meeting the needs of alliances and code share partners as well as individual airlines and ground handlers.

Key Features

  • Secure access to global baggage messaging events captured by SITA’s message distribution, processing and analysis systems
  • Uses simple bag tag number or PNR to retrieve real time baggage status and list of events
  • Lists bags by flight, including “rush” bags.
  • Easily integrates with an airline’s customer self-service and baggage handling applications for web and mobile deployment
  • Developer friendly interface REST API methods for quick and easy development and deployment

The current status of the baggage is retrieved by the BagJourney API from SITA’s BagJourney system which processes and analyses Baggage Information Messages (BIMs) from the SITA BagMessage message distribution system.

The BagJourney API delivers the current status of the bags - from initial check in to arrival at baggage claim - which can be displayed to passengers on a web page or passenger’s mobile phone.

  • Open - Integrates with any customer self-service system.
  • Secure - Uses API approved key to authenticate API call validity.
  • Flexible - Can be used as a standalone bag tracking system or integrated with other APIs for a single integrated bag tracing and reporting solution
  • Reliable - Highly available system hosted in multiple regions
  • Cost Effective - A managed service with cost and roadmap amortised by many SITA member airlines.
  • Innovative - SITA is continually investing to keep pace with new developments in mobile technology

Bag Status at all Stages of the Journey
Using the innovative SITA BagJourney system, baggage is tracked at a number of points on the journey from check in to pick up and delivered as status messages to the passenger via the BagTrac and BagJourney APIs.

The status of the baggage can be retrieved at check in, pre and post screening, sorting, loading and unloading, arrival at transfer or final destination and even if it has been sent on a different or later flight

Single Integrated Baggage Solution
The BagJourney API is only one of the components of SITA’s highly powerful and fully integrated mobile solutions platform.


How it Works


Terms and Pricing

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BagJourney Documentation


BagJourney Event Code List

The following table describes the standard BagJourney events that may be returned in Bag History. The type value is contained in the "Code" element of each event in the list. A Customer Administrator may add custom events via the BagJourney Administration / Location Events functionality

Event Type Description
CHECKED_IN Bag checked in
PAX_BOARDED Passenger boarded
SCREENED Bag screened
SCREENING_PASSED Bag screening passed
SCREENING_FAILED Bag screening failed
SORTED Bag sorted
LOADED_IN_CONTAINER Bag loaded into container
LOADED_ON_AIRCRAFT Bagloaded on aircraft
OFFLOADED Bag offloaded
EXPECTED Bag expected
REROUTED Bag rerouted
REFLIGHTED Bag re-flighted
CANCELLED Bag cancelled
MISHANDLED Bag mishandled
ONA Bag on hand not loaded - Authorized to load
OND Bag on hand not loaded - Not authorized to load
NAL Bag loaded - not authorized to load
UNS Bag unseen



Following is the snapshot of the SOAP UI tool. The URL is constructed based on the above details. The API key should be put in the header section as shown below, with the header name as api_key and the value will be the api key value.

Key Example Get Bag tag events for tag for 0125243458 for October 21, 2014


Expected Result


curl Command in Linux
curl -k -H "api_key: 848c4e02011114c626cae31b20fe10f1"

Expected Result

{"success":true,"bag":{"bagtag":"0125243458","passenger_first_name":"CLAUDEMR","passenger_last_name":"GROULX"},"events":[{"airport":"ORD","event_code":"EXPECTED","event_desc":"Bag Expected","flight_info":{"outbound":{"date":"21OCT","dest_airport":"YYZ","flight":"9982","airline":"AC"},"inbound":{"date":"21OCT","flight":"9924","airline":"US","orig_airport":"LAX"},"onward":[{"date":"21OCT","dest_airport":"YYC","flight":"9902","airline":"AC"}]},"frequent_flyer":"BD662503","local_date_time":"2014-10-21T12:40:52.160-05:00","passenger_status":"S","pnr":"8ZZX3YS","utc_date_time":"2014-10-21T17:40:52.160Z"}]}
wget Command in Linux
wget --header='api_key:848c4e02011114c626cae31b20fe10f1' -qO-

Expected Result

{"success":true,"bag":{"bagtag":"0125243458","passenger_first_name":"CLAUDEMR","passenger_last_name":"GROULX"},"events":[{"airport":"ORD","event_code":"EXPECTED","event_desc":"Bag Expected","flight_info":{"outbound":{"date":"21OCT","dest_airport":"YYZ","flight":"9982","airline":"AC"},"inbound":{"date":"21OCT","flight":"9924","airline":"US","orig_airport":"LAX"},"onward":[{"date":"21OCT","dest_airport":"YYC","flight":"9902","airline":"AC"}]},"frequent_flyer":"BD662503","local_date_time":"2014-10-21T12:40:52.160-05:00","passenger_status":"S","pnr":"8ZZX3YS","utc_date_time":"2014-10-21T17:40:52.160Z"}]}



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