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Can I test an API?

A quick way to query the API is using a Swagger environment where you can send requests and view the responses. You will need an API key to use this facility. Swagger pages can be accessed by selecting the Reference Documentation tab in each API in the API Catalog.

How do I access the API?

When you obtain an API key, your applications can access the API from any development platform. To make it easy to test the APIs, we provide swagger documentation on the developer portal as a quick way to query the API and review the responses.

How easy is it to develop and test apps with the API?

We have tried to make it as easy as possible. We provide a way for you to test the API and review responses. If you need reference or snippets of code for your project, just ask and we can see what we can do to assist you.

How often and when will maintenance windows be required?

The system is currently designed to have zero downtime during redeployment i.e. a new revision of software is loaded without downtime.

How secure are SITA APIs ?

SITA APIs and API requests are secured using security best practices and complying with industry standards.  The platform also monitors the APIs to identify any accidental or malicious abuse of the APIs including flooding, unlawful use of data, introduction of malware or viruses, reverse engineering the API for malicious purposes, and other disruptive and illegal practices.


What is an API key? What does it do?

API keys are encrypted strings that are embedded in applications when calling (invoking) an API. The API key is used to authenticate the API call. The platform monitors API keys for security, tracking API usage, billing, health monitoring and reporting purposes

Please contact the API product manager or if you have any questions.


Can I get any reports or statistics on API usage?

Yes. The API provides a comprehensive set of analytics on your API usage. The portal provides analytics on your API usage which you can view by logging into the portal.


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