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For New Applications created, your credit card would be charged 2 days after your application is active. Recurring/Monthly Fees are charged 5th day of every month.
We would retry charging your credit card 3 times (consecutive days) before marking the charges unpaid. Contact support@developer.aero for re-enabling your application.
Account cycle is 1-31 of every month. Your invoice is available on the 15th day of the following month. If this falls on a weekend/bank holiday, invoices are available the next business day.
Billing is not available for embargoed countries.
One Time charge paid when creating an application. It is charged 2 days after your application is active.
Recurring/Monthly charge paid at the event of application creation or during the 5th day of every month.
Yes. Credit card transactions are notified immediately for any Setup Fees and 2 days earlier for the cost-per month charges.
Yes. Information regarding your taxes are shown when you create an application.
Your payments for the current month are consolidated in your following month's Invoice.
Write to support@developer.aero for any queries regarding your charges/invoices.
Register on developer.aero, browse to the API, click on "Create New Application", select your Pricing Plan, and follow the workflow which includes capturing your credit card details.
Select the Application in the 'Applications' page, and then click on 'Change Plan' to select your plan.
Select the Application in the 'Applications' page and then click on 'Change Plan' to select your Pricing Plan and follow the workflow which includes capturing your credit card details.
You can update your credit card details by browsing to 'Accounts' Page and click on the link 'Edit Billing Details' under the Billing section.
VISA and MasterCard are the only accepted cards.
This functionality is currently not available and would be available with the Account Based Billing feature that will be released in the future.
From the Invoice page, select the appropriate Invoice of the month.
Customer's credit card details are not stored in Developer.aero. Payment Gateway (Adyen) secures this information and is PCI compliant.
Few APIs are only available to SITA PSS Airlines and their accredited developers. And some APIs are accessed using credit card billing facility which will enable you pay for API transactions on a monthly basis. The other APIs on Developer.aero can only be accessed by contacting the Product Manager for the API.
API keys are used by the developers when calling (invoking) an API. The API key is used to authenticate the API call. Developer.aero also uses for tracking API usage for billing, health monitoring and reporting purposes. You may wish to use different API keys to access the same API in order to differentiate between environments (QA, PROD, etc.) or perhaps apps (e.g. iPhone app, Android or web app). Please contact the API product manager or support@developer.aero if you have any questions.
The API key must be passed in using HTTP Header.
Some APIs provide a quick way to query the API using a Swagger environment where you can send requests and view the responses. You will need an API key to use this facility. Swagger pages can be viewed by selecting the Try it Now option from the side menu in each API landing page.
Yes. Developer.aero provides analytics for each API. If you are a registered user of Developer.aero, you can see the analytics for each API that you use by logging into Developer.aero and selecting Stats from the dropdown menu.