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SITA On-Time Performance API provides a standardized mechanism to compare how airlines, airports and ground handlers perform against their published schedules. It allows aviation companies to clearly and quickly see how they are performing against the competition and their own targets.

API Features:

SITA On-Time Performance API allows the user to generate three types of reports.

  1. On-Time Performance Ranking - The user can request the highest or lowest performing airports and airlines within a region or globally for any date or period. 
  2. On-Time Performance Comparison – This feature allows the user to compare the on-time performance of a maximum of 20 Airports or Airlines for any given time interval.
  3. Flight Statistics – This is a generic report to obtain the total number of flights departing from an airport including cancelled flights.

Calculating OTP

SITA calculates on-time performance based on the millions of flight records and real-time updates it processes from airports worldwide every day. 

The on-time performance for airlines is the percentage of flights operated by that operator that arrived on time while the on-time performance for airports is the percentage of flights that departed on time.
Some points of note:

  • A flight is considered on time when it arrives/departs within 15 minutes of the scheduled time.
  • Cancelled flights count as not on-time flights.
  • The on-time performance is calculated based only on flights that SITA knows the actual arrival/departure time including cancelled flights.
  • All the times used in these calculations are gate times.

Check out our 'Reference Documentation' page for more details.

Note. SITA is focused on ensuring on-time performance is accurately calculated. To do this, any airlines or airports with more than 50% of their actual flight times missing from the sample are excluded from the report.

Examples of information included: iataCode, region, OnTime, not on-time, cancelled, performance percentage, flights, accuracy, rank, size, unknown

This API answers the below questions:

  • Who are the top-performing airport or airlines in the Americas?
  • Who are the top-performing airports or airlines worldwide?
  • What is the comparison between the OTP of airport X and airport Y?
  • What was the total number of flights departed /arrived at an airport?


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