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Flight Duration API

  • Flight Information

Flight Duration API provides the duration of flights between two Airports based on data collected from our real-time flight Information system.

Flight Schedule API

  • Flight Information

Flight Schedules API provides flight Schedule information in a easy to read JSON format. This information is derived from data supplied by OAG.

Flight Status API

  • Flight Information

Flight Status API service can provide users with real-time flight update information. We can offer data from a local airport only or full flight view of the latest flight status and we also support the latest ACRIS Seamless Travel specification. In combination with our AMS Open specification our SITA Flight Information system can enable airports and airlines to easily share data with each other. The API also supports sharing of private flight data with approved parties, for more details see our AMSOpen specification

Publish Flight Information - AMSOpen API

  • Flight Information

The SITA AMSOpen API allows Airports and Airlines to publish flight information to SITA FLIFO AMS Community members. It provides an open specification which allows airports and airlines share flight data through the SITA Flight Information systems.

This AMSOpen specification also allows for the sharing of private data which should only be shared to trusted partners. See overview for further info.

SITA Flight Status Notification API

  • Flight Information

SITA Flight Status API Notification service can provide users with real-time flight update information. These updates are pushed in real-time to consumers over https to an endpoint specified by the subscriber. Users can subscribe at the airport, airline or individual flight level.

SITA Historical Flight Status API

  • Flight Information

The Historical Flight Status API provides historical flight information for all flights from April 2019 up to the present day. It's ideal for developers and data scientists who want to analyze patterns or behaviour of carriers, flights and routes

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