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Growing market demand for automation and safety demonstrates PFM is a natural fit for the new age of air travel, as the core intent of PFM is to automate passenger processing for a seamless passenger journey to ensure safety and security.

With the pandemic reshaping air travel, airports need to redesign the passenger journey and reform their security practices to ensure safety and security at the airport. This means decreasing the steps in the passenger journey, automating as many checkpoints as possible, and replacing manual validations for touchless ones; capabilities which are satisfied by PFM.

Additionally, to cope with the dynamic nature of the situation, airports need a solution with the flexibility and agility to adapt the passenger journey and security practices to changing legislative and business requirements. These needs are also inherently addressed through PFM as validation decisions are based on aggregated data sources/systems and highly configurable business rules and passenger validations can be done via different devices such as: eGate, iOS app, etc..


SITA Pax Locate is the part of SITA's Passenger Flow Management solution that deals with reporting and analysis of scanned BCBPs (Bar Coded Boarding Pass) to provide actionable data to airports regarding passenger flow. When BCBPs are printed and scanned at the airport, selected fields of the BCBPs are stored in a database for reporting and analysis, which is then capable of providing the following metrics within Business Intelligence reports:

  • Number of passes boarded by flight, 
  • Basic dwell time analysis, 
  • Percentage of on/off airport checkins,
  • The number of passengers throughout checkpoints in the airport.


SITA Pax Check is part of SITA’s Passenger Flow Management solution that performs BCBP (Bar Coded Boarding Pass) validation at security checkpoints in airports. When a passenger’s BCBP is scanned at a security checkpoint, the PaxCheck application is capable of performing the following checks before responding back with a PASS / FAIL decision:

  • Checking for duplicates, i.e., checking whether a BCBP was scanned at a particular checkpoint more than once.
  • PaxCheck has been enhanced to perform an additional check of validating the BCBP data against the issuing/operating carrier’s departure control system.


Why Passenger Flow Management?

Within the Air Transport Industry, there are growing needs to improve security, increase efficiency, achieve greater non-aeronautical revenues, and enhance the passengers’ experience through the airport.

To address these needs, SITA has developed the Passenger Flow Management product suite to provide airports with an end-to-end view of passenger movement throughout the airport.

The Passenger Flow Management product addresses the automation of BCBP validation to improve efficiency and security, and Passenger flow management, to improve on time departures and enhance non-aeronautical (retail) revenues.


Requesting Access to Passenger Flow Management APIs

In order to request access to Passenger Flow Management APIs, you must first be logged into the site using the account you wish access to be granted to. Please ensure you have completed the below steps prior to requesting PFM API access.

Step 1: Account Registration
Please register for a account here if you do not already have one. You may skip this step and proceed to Step 2 if you already have an account.

Step 2: Account Authentication
Please log in to here using the account you wish PFM API access to be granted to. You may skip this step and proceed to Step 3 if you are currently logged in.

Step 3: Request Access to PFM APIs
Access to the Passenger Flow Management APIs can be requested below once you have completed Steps 1 and 2.



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