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Mobile boarding pass creation and delivery solution

The Boarding Pass API is a managed service provided by SITA allowing airlines complete flexibility in the creation and distribution of mobile boarding passes.

With secure access to their own partition on the SITA developers’ platform, airlines have full control over the branding, configuration and information management of online and mobile boarding passes using their own app development team or agency. The API integrates into the airline’s other systems, streamlining existing airline business processes and mobile strategies.

Key Features

  • Secure, developer friendly console for pass customisation
  • Ready to go templates for quick and easy branding of passes
  • Support for Apple Passbook, Google Now and Evernote applications including updates
  • Distribution of boarding passes via SMS and email
  • Support for push notifications using the SITA Push API
  • Comprehensive reports, analytics and API health monitoring
  • Full staging and development testing capabilities
  • Support for barcode security signing
  • TSA Pre✓™ support
  • Uses UTF-8 character set for generation of boarding passes in Korean, Chinese and Arabic


An airline’s check-in system makes a single call to the API with the passenger name and flight details. The Boarding Pass API creates and delivers a mobile boarding pass to the passenger’s mobile phone and provides confirmation of delivery. Boarding passes are delivered via SMS, email or by using push notifications to registered Smartphone applications.

Airline branded passes contain an IATA standard and TSA compliant 2-dimensional barcode required to pass security and board a plane.

  • Open - Integrates with any check-in system and all mobile devices.
  • Secure - Controlled access to secure partitions by airlines or developers who are authorised by that airline.
  • Flexible - All passenger visible branding and content (SMS, email, web pages) is fully customisable by the airline.
  • Reliable - Highly available system hosted in multiple regions.
  • Cost Effective - A managed service with cost and roadmap amortised by many SITA member airlines.
  • Compliant - Meets IATA and TSA requirements.
  • Innovative - SITA is continually investing to keep pace with new developments in mobile technology.

Optional Barcode Signing

For flights originating in the USA, the digital signing of barcodes and the management of security certificates and key pairs is required by the TSA and is a major aspect of the API design.

SITA streamlines this operation and supports the management of the security aspect of the boarding pass process with its secure and fully integrated Barcode Signing applications.

TSA Pre✓™ Screening Support

TSA Pre✓™ information, which is embedded in the barcode, is also supported for boarding passes. The API console enables you to customise passes for TSA Pre✓™ notification to the passenger.

Digital Wallet Support

The SITA BoardingPass API fully supports Passbook on iOS 6 or later. Support for other digital wallets is currently under development.

Passes can be updated dynamically via the push notification service which notifies the user of important updates such as gate changes at the airport or changes to scheduled departure times.

Evernote is also supported to help with trip planning, enabling boarding passes to be stored with itineraries, confirmations, scanned travel documents, maps and plans.

Google Now

BoardingPass API includes a feature to support Google Now, the personal intelligent assistant for Android and iPhone mobile devices.

Using this feature, passengers can get real-time flight status information on the way to the airport or have their boarding pass displayed automatically at the appropriate time to help them sail easily through security and on to the gate. Google Now brings all the reminders and updates to the home or lock screen of the device, so passengers don’t even have to open the app.

Note: The BoardingPass API is not a check in engine and does not check passengers in to a DCS. The API is used by check-in applications to create and distribute mobile boarding passes. For information on SITA’s mobile check in solutions, refer to the SITA Horizon Passenger Mobile Product.

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