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SITA's ITSM (Service Management) platform enables SITA to deliver a world-class IT service management experience. The SITA Service Management APIs will allow customers to interact directly with our Service Management platform from their own ITSM systems and tools, enabling a secure exchange of information.


The SITA Service Management - Service Request API allows our customers to CREATE, READ and UPDATE Service Request records on the SITA Service Management platform. The API is a REST API with well-defined XML message structure which can be integrated into customers’ own ITSM applications and processes, from where requests to read and update service requests can be triggered periodically based on a customer’s own business requirements. Metrics on API usage can be viewed by customers in their account.


If you would like to request access to SITA Service Management - Service Request API you will need to first create an account on Detailed instructions on how to register for an account, access your apps and retrieve your API credentials are available here. Once you have registered and logged in to your account, you can request API access by visiting any of the Service Management API Contact Us sections. From here you should send your API access request to our Product Management team. Once access has been approved you will be able to access all of the SITA Service Management APIs.


For further details on SITA’s full, ITIL-aligned, Service Management solutions, please send your queries to the product management team on our Contact Us section.


Sample Message Pairs


Service Management Service Request API - Samples Message Pairs
Message # Description Sample RQ / RS
01 Create Customer Service Request
02 Update Customer Service Request
03 Read Customer Service Request
04 List Customer Service Request
05 Read Activity Log Service Request
06 Read Service Request Attachment


Download an archive containing all Service Management Service Request API sample RQ/RS messages here.


Requesting Access to Service Management APIs

In order to request access to Service Management APIs, you must first be logged into the site with the account you wish access to be granted to. Please ensure you have completed the below steps prior to requesting API access.

Step 1: Account Registration
Please register for a account here if you do not already have one. You may skip this step and proceed to Step 2 if you already have an account.

Step 2: Account Authentication
Please log in to here using the account you wish API access to be issued to. You may skip this step and proceed to Step 3 if you are currently logged in.

Step 3: Request Access to Service Management APIs
Access to Service Management APIs can be requested below once you have completed Steps 1 and 2.



Contact the Service Management team

For any other queries regarding Service Management APIs, please feel free to contact our teams below.

For business or general queries, please contact our Product Management Team.



For Service Management Service Request API related queries for existing users, please contact:

API Support Team



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