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SITA Flex is a next-generation common-use platform that facilitates a seamless transition to mobile passenger service and workforce solutions either on or off-airport, whilst maintaining full conventional common-use compatibility.

SITA Flex is ideal if you are looking to digitalize your passengers’ journey with mobile solutions or new applications whilst looking to reduce costs and opportunities to generate revenue. SITA Flex is also ideal if you are investing in digital channels, especially mobiles.

The platform makes it possible for airports and airlines to build native applications and seamlessly transition to mobile/touchless passenger service applications, leveraging passenger’s smart devices for interaction with all key touchpoints within the airport.

This will reduce airport furniture requirements and meet the changing environment in current times with scale for longer-term passenger growth. SITA Flex also supports airports and airlines needing to scale their operation up or down easily or needing to increase capacity and implement off-airport passenger processing (incl. bags etc.).

Airlines will gain greater control and agility of your applications and will be able to bring products to market faster and make the digital relationship with the passenger stronger. Also, with health being a key priority, using a personal device is inherently safer than sharing – making travel easier for us all.

SITA Flex will adapt to your needs, quickly and on demand, offering scalable capacity, reduction of complexity, and easy deployment. SITA Flex removes vendor lock-in and airlines developing applications, will no longer need common-use certification, further simplifying rollout, and reducing costs.

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