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The SITA Airport Reference API helps developers who need to integrate airport information quickly and easily into their apps. It allows you to take user inputs like airport name, code or nearby cities and instantly translate them into industry-standard airport data.  


    The API comes with the following features:

    • Airport Match:

      recommends airports based on partial user inputs. For example, “Lon,” returns Gatwick, Stansted, and any other airports which include “Lon” as part of their name or codes. The API allows developers to efficiently integrate a search window for app users.

    • Nearby Airports :

      finds all airports near a specific airport. The endpoint uses the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of an airport to identify other airports within a set range. The API then identifies the location based on the co-ordinates alongside additional useful data for the aviation and travel industry about these specific airports.

    •  Airport Distance:

      gives the distance between 2 airports in kilometers or miles.

    Example of information included: name, iataCode, icaoCode, city, latitude, longitude, timezone, elevation, continent, country code, region.

    This API can be used to answer:

    • What is the IATA / ICAO code of an airport?
    • Which other airports are located in approximation to a particular airport?

      Data Sources 

      The sources of the data are taken from many internal SITA sources. They are updated periodically saving you the effort of having to maintain these constantly manually. If you do notice any corrections that are needed then use our Contact Us form and our dedicated support team will help.

      About us

      We are the world's leading specialist in air transport communications and IT solutions. 


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