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SITA's Day of Travel Services (DOTS) delivers contextually aware information for airports to interact with passengers in the right place at the right time, significantly improving the passenger experience and operational performance, and increasing non-aeronautical revenues.

Exploiting a wealth of real-time airport and flight data, security wait-times and highly visual maps and navigation routes, combined with passenger itinerary data, DOTS delivers personalized location targetted content and calls-to-action for passengers throughout their airport experience via a single app.

A suite of versatile SITA APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) is the driving force behind the solution for accessing and orchestrating the data and content required to provide a streamlined, hassle free airport experience for travellers. Deployed via the SITA API platform,, the APIs are powerful reusable components that can be mashed together in various combinations to deliver an integrated array of airport data, rich content and alert notifications via a single user interface.

The APIs can be deployed individually or in various group combinations to power customer developed apps and other passenger-facing digital touch points such as kiosks, digital signage and web sites. Additional APIs can be included from SITA and other customer requested vendors to complement the range of data and content for the passenger.

The APIs can also be bundled with the SITA Day of Travel Mobile App, a bespoke location-aware app built specifically to match each airports’ requirements.

Core APIs for DOTS include:

  • Airport API
    Retrieves information about all major IATA Airports.
  • BeaconRegistry API
    The BeaconRegistry API retrieves proximity values and other meta-data from the SITA Beacon Registry for beacons allocated throughout the airport. This location information can be contextualised within a mobile app to determine what content or alert notification to display to help the passenger on the next step of their journey through the airport.
  • BoardingPass API
    Allows airlines complete flexibility in the creation and distribution of mobile boarding passes and NFC boarding passes.
  • FlightFollower API
    Provides map images of flights as they progress on their routes.
  • FlightInfo API
    Uses real time flight information (FliFo) data from Airport Operational Databases (AODB) to provide information such as gate status, boarding times, and bag carousel information for arriving flights. Flight status updates are notified to the passenger as they occur.
  • Weather API
    Provides current and forecasted weather data for locations around the world.
  • WaitTime API
    Provides projected information about how long travellers will to have to wait at airport queues, for example, security lines or customs queues. Information depends on the queues defined for a specific airport.

Please contact us for more information on the Day of Travel APIs.

Beacon Infrastructure

Beacons are blue-tooth wireless sensors that can be installed and supported by SITA throughout an airport. Beacon data is stored in the SITA Beacon Registry, which is a registry of common-use beacons for the Air Transport Industry (ATI). It allows airports to manage their beacon infrastructure and track where they are placed in an airport.

Please contact us for more information on the Beacon Registry and Beacon APIs.

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