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We are delighted to welcome you to a fresh new developer experience on our portal.

As part of our strategy to create a trusted framework to leverage the power of data and accelerate the adoption of APIs, we are continually working to provide a better, more enriched developer experience where you can explore and create apps and solutions that power digital transformation initiatives across the industry. has been evolving steadily over the years and our range of APIs is continually growing since the introduction of in 2012, enabling the industry’s first community access to APIs. This gave air transport and third party developers  ready access to a wealth of data and processes, enabling innovation in new apps, services and business applications for the benefit of the global air transport community.

Spawning numerous applications and solutions across all airline and airport operations, our APIs have been used to produce passenger-focused apps, including airport maps, wayfinding, transfer transport details, parking, weather, city traffic conditions, and more. Other API-based apps dive into the data to provide specific intelligence for airlines and airports – such as turnaround statistics, passenger loads, baggage counts, nationality statistics and PNR totals. And others have been developed for operational purposes – such as gate changes, stand and gate allocations, border control, and passenger flows.

A wide range of new APIs will be added to in the months ahead, along with sample code, case studies, data registries, and other services that will help software developers build new apps fast and efficiently. We will continue to build content on the new portal as well as enhancing the developer experience for testing and registering for API access, viewing API analytics and usage metrics, and interacting with our API teams for support and updates.

We would be delighted to receive any feedback from you as to how we can continue to support and empower our developer community. 

We hope you enjoy our new site.

The Data and API Team


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