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As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve globally, I wanted to share what we at SITA are doing to support our employees, customers and our industry.

First and foremost, I would like to say that all our thoughts are with your families and employees who have been directly impacted by this disease. We wish all those impacted a speedy recovery.

The global impact of COVID-19 is unprecedented. We see it in communities around the world, battling this pandemic on both a personal and business front.

At SITA, we are working tirelessly to ensure that we play our part. We are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our employees and the continuity of our business.

The effect on airlines, airports and governments that are on the frontline of this health emergency is unprecedented and we are taking all possible actions to support them. We are committed to maintaining our business operations. Our Executive Team is constantly monitoring and responding to the changing situation, making sure that the air transport industry is able to continue to operate where needed.

We understand how crucial it is that we stay safe and work together in order to get through this.

We are a global community facing this challenge as one.

We hope you, your families and your teams keep safe and well as we all navigate this very difficult journey.

Kind regards,

Barbara Dalibard

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