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What is an API key? What does it do?

API keys are used by the developers when calling (invoking) an API. The API key is used to authenticate the API call. also uses for tracking API usage for billing, health monitoring and reporting purposes. You may wish to use different API keys to access the same API in order to differentiate between environments (QA, PROD, etc.) or perhaps apps (e.g. iPhone app, Android or web app). Please contact the API product manager if you have any questions.

How do I use the API key ?

The API key must be passed in using HTTP Header.

Can I test an API?

Some APIs provide a quick way to query the API using a Swagger environment where you can send requests and view the responses. You will need an API key to use this facility. Swagger pages can be viewed by selecting the Try it Now option from the side menu in each API landing page.

Can I get any reports or statistics on API usage?

Yes. provides analytics for each API. If you are a registered user of, you can see the analytics for each API that you use by logging into and selecting Stats from the dropdown menu.

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