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Can I get the baggage carousel number for an arriving flight?

The carousel number will be shown IF it is available from the data provider.

How are code-shares flights handled?

The marketing carrier is available in the response. Getting all flights with the groupCodesShares option will return a full list of codeshares along with the operating carrier. Without the option, a separate record is returned per marketing carrier.

Can I get the passenger load factor for a flight?

Load factor is not available. We will have the capability to get load factors in the future. Please contact the Product Manager for more information.

How do we know if a flight is transitting?

The API does not show transit information.

What is an API key? What does it do?

In order to use the API, a developer must first register on When you have subscribed to the API, a unique API key is generated for each application for which you are using the API. API keys are used when calling (invoking) the API. They API key is used to authenticate the API call. It is also used for tracking the applications API usage for billing, API health monitoring and reporting purposes. Developers may have multiple API keys for the same API in order to differentiate between apps (e.g., one key for iPhone app, a different key for Android or web app, etc.)

Can flight information changes be updated on my app?

Yes. The Notifications API can be called to explicitly subscribe to receive flight status updates.

Does the API provide any reports or statistics?

Yes. The API provides a comprehensive set of reports, analytics and API health monitoring views.

How much does the FlightInfo API cost?

FlightInfo API usage can be purchased on a monthly subscription basis using a credit card. A range of pricing plans are available for selection.
Please register an account and click on the Create new Application button to get started.

Where can I get more information?

Please refer to the API Documentation section on this page for further information. For any additional information or queries please refer to our contact us.


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