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Can I develop my own Internet Booking Engine (IBE) using HWS?

Web Services provides the capability to create your own application using data from your own SITA PSS system.

I have a third-party developer that does my in-house development for me. Can they use Web Services?

Web Services can be configured for third-party development through an additional certificate being obtained and implemented by SITA.

I currently ‘screen scrape’ using the ‘green screen’ web service message to populate my in-house application with data. I now wish to move to structured messages to enable a more efficient interface?

Web Services supports multiple messages using ‘structured’ formats. Support is available to help the customer make the most of these formatted messages.

I am not a SITA Horizon PSS customer. Why is Web Services not available for my airline?

Web services is an essential component of the SITA Horizon PSS offering. Web Services is not available as a standalone product, but is part of a reservations and/or DCS package.

What is the difference between HWS and the other APIs?

SWS is based on the SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocol specification for the implementation of web services. Other APIs are based on the REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture that generally runs over HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Both technologies have their advantages for specific implementations.

Does the HWS support OTA and IATA requirements

Yes. The solution meets all industry standards set by OTA (Open Travel Alliance) and IATA, the industry’s standards body.

How secure are HWS?

HWS uses PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Certificates and key pairs are used to encrypt and authenticate messages to and from the SWS servers.

Also, each airline that registers to use the HWS is assigned a secure partition in which to develop its applications and has secure access to its own data. This partition cannot be accessed by another airline or information cannot be overlapped with any other airline partition. The partition is also protected with different user access levels to restrict access to various features within the partition.

What are Public/Private Key Certificates

A security certificate can be obtained from a recognized CA (Certifying Authority) to certify that the customer or airline is the entity that it says it is. The certificate is an ECC SSL (Elliptic Curve Cryptography/Secure Sockets Layer) certificate which uses the high security ECC algorithm for data encryption.

The Public DER (Distinguished Encoding Rules) key should be provided to SITA to verify the digital signature on all messages from the customer applications which are signed with the airline's Private PEM (Privacy Enhanced Mail) key.

Is there a demo of HWS available?

A Java demo can be downloaded from the HWS Implementation site on This demo provides a working example of how HWS can be used to access, display and, in some cases, update data held by SITA Horizon Passenger Service applications.

How do I access SWS?

The first step is to contact Peter Hopwood to sign up for HWS. You will then be contacted by the implementation team who will support you through the implementation phase. All documentation, demos, WDSLs and HWS components are downloadable from the HWS Implementation site on

Does HWS provide any reports or statistics?

Yes. The SWS provides a comprehensive set of reports, analytics and API health monitoring views.

What are SITA’s uptime objectives for HWS?

SITA is committed to 99.95% uptime on our SLA.

How often and when will maintenance windows be required?

The system is currently designed to have zero downtime during redeployment i.e. a new revision of software is loaded without downtime.

Where can I get more information?

For any additional information or queries please refer to our Contact Us page.

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