Weather API Introduction

The SITA Weather API is a REST based service which provides current and forecasted weather data for locations around the world.

Registration and API Signup

To access the APIs, you will need to be issued with an API key. These values are passed in as a HTTP header (or optionally query parameter).

API Key Usage

The API authentication key will be passed in an HTTP header as follows:

  • name of header: X-apiKey
  • value of header: The api key as generated for the application

Weather API Structure

The scheme, domain and high level path parameters portion of the URL is:


where weather is the functional domain. The current version is v1.

Following the weather parameter and version, the next path parameter defines the service called. As of this version, the following functions are provided:

Name Example
current Request the current weather information for a single location.
forecast Request the weather forecast information for a single location. It can be for 5 or 7 days duration which is provided as a parameter.
combined Request to receive a combination of current and forecast for a single location.

The current version is v1. The current qa server is at


All incoming requests will be REST over HTTPS. Users are authenticated using their registration (API) key.