NDC Community APIs

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is a travel industry-supported program launched by IATA (International Air Transport Association) for the development and market adoption of a new XML-based business messaging standard. The NDC Standard will enhance the capability of exchanges between airlines and sellers, while supporting personalization of the offers airlines can make and the way that air products are retailed.

More information about IATA’s NDC program can be found at http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/airline-distribution/ndc/pages/default.aspx

SITA are developing a series of APIs that will contribute to the advancement of this standard and facilitate the transformation and distribution of messages between business partners in the air travel industry. The NDC Exchange API is the first API in this series.

Exchange API

This API is a consumer interface into a multitude of provider services using the NDC messaging format. It also facilitates the transformation from one NDC version to another in addition to transforming other industry standards (OTA & Open Axis) to NDC. It will initially support Baggage Charges, Baggage Allowance & Seat Availability services.

Note: This API is only available on a retricted basis. For further details, please contact manraj.sabarwal@sita.aero.

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SITA INC was granted “NDC Capable” Level 3 status for its NDC-based solution, Horizon Passenger Services System, under the NDC Certification Program. This status recognizes that SITA INC supports deployments using Offer and Order management messages whose schemas are compliant with the standard NDC message schema, version PADIS 15.2. For more information about the scope of the NDC Certification Program and the different types of NDC messages, please see: http://www.iata.org/whatwedo/airline-distribution/ndc/Documents/guide-ndc-registration-certification-program.pdf.