API to Provide Wait Times for Airport Queues

Feb 12, 2016

We are delighted to add another API to our rapidly expanding portfolio which offers more functionality for airports and other travel enterprises that are developing apps to streamline the passenger journey through the airport.

The new SITA WaitTime API is a new REST based service which provides a calculated current projected time that a passenger may expect to wait in a particular area, such as in airport security line, or customs queue.

Many airports have systems for measuring queue times provided by a range of different suppliers. The WaitTime API aims to provide a single interface into multiple queue management systems to provide a simple, convenient solution for app developers who may have to develop against many different queue systems.

This API is a component of the SITA Day of Travel Services (DOTS) solution that enables airports and airlines to provide the ultimate personal digital companion for their customers, to give them all the assistance they need in negotiating their way through the airport, through security, to their boarding gate and onto their flight.

Details of the API can be found at https://www.developer.aero/Waittime-API/API-Overview

For more information on the WaitTime API, please contact the Product Manager, Rajesh Chilukuri, (rajesh.chilukuri@sita.aero)