TSA Pre✓™ Support

May 22, 2013

The latest enhancement to the SITA Boarding Pass API is support for the TSA (Transport Security Administration) precheck screening initiative, TSA Pre✓™.

If a passenger is eligible for TSA Pre✓™, this information is embedded in the barcode of the passenger’s boarding pass and when the barcode is scanned at designated checkpoints, the passenger may be able to receive expedited screening, if available at the airport.

Notifying passengers of their TSA Pre✓™ status on their boarding pass will enable them to go directly to the TSA Pre✓™ security lanes at airports. The TSA Pre✓™ logo is usually displayed above or below the bar code on a mobile boarding pass. The Boarding Pass API console enables you to customise your boarding passes to display this logo to fit in with your own design and branding.