Should have used an Apple Watch!

Sept 10, 2014

Ok hands up - my timing was a bit off.

Two years ago I predicted that Apple was going to incorporate NFC into its phones to provide user-friendly mobile payments. I think it’s fair to say that my prediction was accurate (see the details here ). It just took a bit longer than I expected to see a solution designed from the user’s point of view and with the phone owner’s interests at heart. But kudos to Apple they’ve done it again. The new iPhones and the Apple Watch will give NFC the push in the market that it needs. This is a clear endorsement that NFC is the way of the future - it is the technology that provides the combination of security and convenience for consumers. In some ways, Apple has revived the belief in NFC that many have held for some time. Read the full article.

Our latest edition of our Boarding Pass API already uses Host Card Emulation (HCE) to enable NFC boarding passes on Android phones and now we get to tinker with the new iPhones!

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