SITAONAIR Boosts Inflight Wi-Fi Usage with
API and App

October 09, 2015

We are delighted to welcome as a partner the leading connected aircraft provider, SITAONAIR, who have now delved well and truly into the world of APIs by recently launching their first API at APEX EXPO in Portland, Oregon.

The Inflight Wi-Fi Voucher API is designed to encourage inflight Wi-Fi usage by enabling airlines, GDSs and other agents to sell Wi-Fi sessions as part of the booking process and also during the flight. A promotional code is retrieved during the booking or purchase which is used by the passenger to activate the Internet session on the plane.

In addition, SITAONAIR is also pioneering the adoption of beacon technology to remind passengers to purchase Wi-Fi credit or to activate their previously purchased credit. By combining the Inflight Wi-Fi Voucher API with beacon location data retrieved using the SITA Beacon API, notifications can be triggered on the Smartphone app to advise passengers that Wi-Fi is available on their aircraft with a link to the appropriate page to enable them purchase vouchers or download complimentary sessions.

SITAONAIR also launched its new Wi-Fi app at APEX which streamlines Wi-Fi access onboard an aircraft and which can be fully customized for each airline customer.

According to Ian Dawkins, CEO of SITAONAIR, “Combined with the introduction of standards and solutions offered by SITAONAIR, the use of APIs to create apps is an area of enormous potential for thousands of innovators, start-ups and small technology companies worldwide.”

SITAONAIR solutions help airlines realize the full potential of the connected aircraft to streamline operations and improve efficiencies. We look forward to future collaboration with SITAONAIR in using APIs to provide real-time interaction to develop the next generation of nose-to-tail connected aircraft solutions.

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