Recoding Aviation

July 11, 2017

It was all hands on deck for the weekend of the 16th June in Berlin when SITA joined forces with seven major European airports to provide APIs and datasets for the Recoding Aviation Hackathon organised by the dynamic people from bemyapp.

It’s the first time in history that these airports have collaborated at such an event and was an excellent opportunity for their innovation and IT managers and teams to network and see some new ground breaking ideas that were hacked together over the weekend to improve passenger flow and enhance passenger experience at the airport.

Some very interesting projects emerged and AI and machine learning applications featured prominently. One idea used deep learning algorithms to recognize objects in digital camera feeds to turn them into smart cameras … linking passengers to their baggage, detecting forgotten luggage and tracking their owners.

The overall prize went to a team called Unstuck, who showed how AI can be used to intelligently manage security queues and allow passengers to select appropriate security appointments to suit their flight schedules.

Also some great workshops at the event including one from the engineers from RASA on creating chatbots and natural language understanding/generation using their opensource machine learning platform Also team from Node-RED showed off their graphical programming tool for wiring together hardware devices, APIs and online services, Estimote beacons were there showing the new advanced Mirror product which is the world's first video beacon and also found an interesting tool for building full-stack applications in a visual way called Flowhub

The SITA partner prize went to a team called Joukana (Hawaiian for baggage), who developed an app to bring peace of mind to passengers as they disembark from the aircraft and want to know if their luggage has arrived with them, and if not, have instant access to the help and support they need to sort out the situation. They used our BagJourney, FlightInfo API and beacons.

Some innovative hackers from SITA's own development teams took part in the event, including a couple of grads from the graduate program based in the Letterkenny office in Co. Donegal, Ireland and some more seasoned developers from the office in Copenhagen.

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