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Miami Airport launches new airport app based on SITA Day of Travel Solution

Feb 16, 2016

Miami Airport has launched its new mobile app, MIA Airport Official 2.0, which provides the ultimate personal experience to travellers as they make their way through the airport.

The app provides travellers with information and support that is relevant to their individual journey including updates on their gate, flight times and baggage collection, as well as nearby food and retail outlets, prioritizing suggestions based on their current location. Making sense of the vast amounts of data that are available at the airport, the app adds real-time business intelligence to create an outstanding user experience.

Based on the SITA Day of Travel Airport App and suite of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), the MIA app uses the very latest technologies, including Miami’s beacon infrastructure to provide a context and location-aware experience. The app beautifully presents the most accurate and up-to-date indoor maps that include ‘blue-dot’ functionality, map rotation, turn-by-turn directions, ‘walk times’ and a ‘near me’ feature, allowing passengers to quickly locate virtually anything inside the airport.

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