Industry collaboration at its best at Hackathon@HOLM

Mar 03, 2016

Hackathon@HOLM proved to be a very fruitful event with lots of super apps being conceived over the weekend by 65 participants in 15 teams.

The hackathon was organized by HOLM (Home of Logistics and Mobility) in cooperation with Fraport, Lufthansa, Deutsche Bahn and a local public transportation provider, RMV. Promoting Frankfurt Airport as a transport hub, the apps sought to improve the convenience for travelers as they journey through Frankfurt Airport to and from flights, trains and other public transport, and while doing so, avail of the many retail and recreational facilities and services that the airport has to offer.

Congratulations to the ‘Time Traveler’ team who developed a very smart and interactive travel planner, also called ‘Time Traveler’, to benefit anyone travelling to the airport. The app used Lufthansa, RMV and Fraport APIs and also beacon data via the SITA Beacon Registry and Beacon API.

One of the APIs provided by Fraport for the hackathon was a REST (Representational State Transfer) interface which used the flight data specifications developed within the ACRIS (Airport Community Recommended Information Services) Seamless Travel project. The delivery of this flight data can be optimized for the convenience of the traveler when triggered at relevant locations using beacon location data requested via the SITA Beacon API. Twenty beacons were installed for the hackathon to simulate relevant locations at Frankfurt Airport which were registered in the SITA Beacon Registry, with relevant metadata including images.

This mashup of technology is an excellent example of industry collaboration where standards and APIs provide an ideal framework to aggregate and broker data for the ultimate benefit of the passenger. The ACRIS Seamless Travel APIs and the Beacon Registry were widely used throughout the hackathon, an encouraging landmark indeed for the ACRIS Open Data initiative.

CEO of HOLM (far right) handing over the winner’s cheque
to the Time Traveler team. Photo courtesy of Fraport.