Hackathon Season 2017

April 24, 2017

The Developer.aero team are gearing up for a hectic time over the next few months with a number of hackathons in the pipeline that we will be supporting with our suite of APIs that enable developers to access airport, flight and baggage information.

For starters, the APIs will be available to developers for the exciting HackHorizon event (http://www.hackhorizon.com/) which kicks off in May in Hong Kong, wraps up in London two days later and allows developers to develop their ideas on board a flight between both locations.

IATA continues to drive its NDC (New Distribution Capability) initiative to enhance airline retailing with a number of events this year starting off with a hackathon in Dublin from 19th to 21st May (http://ndc.developer.iata.org/hackathon/dub17/). As a partner of the NDC initiative, SITA are a main sponsor of the NDC hackathons and we will be setting out our API stall again this year at these events, manned by our trusty development support team.

ACI’s 2017 bi-continental hackathon, being held simultaneously in Berlin, Europe and San Francisco, US, will be another outing in our event calendar in June that we are really looking forward to. In addition to providing our APIs, a cross location team of developers from SITA will also take part in the event to brainstorm new ideas that will help to Customer Experience, Airport Security, Safety and Environment, and Capacity Utilisation.

These are just some of the opportunities that we will have in the coming months to get out of the office and meet some of you API innovators. We’ll keep you posted on these and other exciting events that we will be taking part in.

For further information on these events or Developer.aero in general, please contact the Developer.aero Product Manager, Manraj Sabarwal (manraj.sabarwal@sita.aero)