Common-use Beacon Registry Takes Pole Position at Hackathon

July 17, 2014

We are delighted that our SITA Common-use Beacon Registry has been exploited in a very innovative way by the recent winners of America Airlines Wearable World Hackathon.

The winning app, that was developed by the UsTwo team (creators of Monument Valley), pushes flight information, boarding passes and other notifications to your device (mobile or smartwatch) to help you get to the plane on time, and also to the device of a loved one or another person to enable them to monitor where you are in your travels. When you're in-flight, they'll also be able to follow your plane's location.

The app interacts with the SITA Common-use Beacon Registry API to discover the network of iBeacons throughout the airport. The beacons communicate with the smartphone or device as its passes by, and the app will send notifications as it detects each one along the way. American Airlines recently launched a six-month pilot project with the Registry and the industry’s largest deployment of iBeacons at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, as a precursor to a permanent implementation.

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