Changi Airport Hackathon

September 30, 2015

Changi Airport Group (CAG), which operates one of the world busiest airports for international traffic, is reaching out to developers to help it come up with new innovative ideas that will enhance the airport experience of the 54 million travellers passing through its gates every year.

With challenges covering Pre-departure, In Transit and On Arrival scenarios, the hackathon promises to generate a range of exciting and practical apps that will enable travellers to take full advantage of what Changi Airport has to offer.

The team are delighted to be contributing our APIs to hackers at this event. Airport and flight information including airport location, gate status, baggage claim carousel, and scheduled and estimated times of arrival will be available via the Airport and Flight Information APIs while the Boarding Pass API will allow hackers to integrate mobile boarding passes into their apps.

The new SITA OnAir In-flight Wi-Fi Voucher API which enables passengers to purchase credit for inflight wi-Fi sessions will no doubt inspire numerous use case possibilities for innovative hackers.

Co-organising the event is UP (Urban Prototyping) Singapore, a movement where people from the public, private and people sectors come together to tackle the wide range of social and environmental challenges facing our cities.

The top teams from the hackathon will go on to showcase their ideas at CAG’s annual Learning Fest in October.

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