Boarding the SmartWatch Bandwagon

July 10, 2014

For dedicated followers of gadgets, having your boarding pass flash up on your SmartWatch at the appropriate time and location is another nifty little convenience that champions the latest fashion for "information that moves with you".

A simple alert via the Android Wear technology will remind you of your flight and a quick swipe of your wrist will display the flight details without having to remove your mobile phone from your top pocket and jig it into action. The clever Android Wear app may even alert you to the next bus that will get you to the airport on time. A further swipe of the boarding pass will display the barcode which can be scanned at security gates depending on the placement angle of the scanner, as some scanner positions may require Houdini-like manoeuvres by the wearer.

And so, what will this fancy boarding pass app require in terms of development for API developers? Well, nothing much, really! To enable boarding passes for Android Wear using the Boarding Pass API, no other tweaking is required except for a simple mark up in the code to enable Google Now operation, which can be done in two minutes using the API developer console.

So now, developers, get Watching!

For any further advice or requests for boarding pass magic, please contact the master of boarding pass gadgetry himself, Lead Engineer, Garry Kelly,