London City Airport Adopts BizTweet for Automated Flight Updates

22 July, 2015

We are delighted to see another success for the team at TIC (Technology Integration Consultancy) who have recently implemented their BizTweet API solution at London City Airport (LCY), enabling the airport to offer automated flight updates to passengers via Twitter.

BizTweet, which won the IATA Passenger Innovation Award in 2014, allows airlines and airports to communicate operational and commercial messages, including information such as departure times and boarding gate numbers, in real-time via Twitter. This proactive approach to engaging with passengers via social media, besides offering convenience and reassurance to weary travellers, also has the potential to significantly reduce the operational costs of social media strategies for airlines and airports.

So, its onwards and upwards for this slick API which, by Q3 2015, will be servicing in excess of 100 million passengers across three continents.

To access the LCY service, passengers can tweet their flight number to @LCYflightinfo or visit Departures and Arrivals section to find their flight and click on the adjacent Twitter icon.

More information can be found on BizTweet for Airports or BizTweet for Airlines.