'Dynamic Lists' enable airports to proactively engage with passengers via Twitter

July 11, 2016

BizTweet, the IATA award winning social decision software from TIC, has been recently enhanced with a new 'Dynamic List' feature that enables airports to add and remove passengers from a Twitter list in real-time.

These dynamic passenger lists not only enable airports to pass real-time information to registered passengers, but can automatically watch and monitor their tweets for the duration of the airport journey and respond proactively where necessary. This facility also works even when the passenger has not mentioned the airport Twitter handle in a tweet.

So, not only will you know who in the airport is using the BizTweet system at any one time, you’ll also see their tweets and retweets during the active period for the service which is automatically canceled one hour after their flight has departed or arrived. This ensures that tweets are only monitored while the passenger is at the airport and only if they are registered for the service.

This functionality goes way beyond tracking RTs, mentions, hashtags or even keywords. You will now get a much more complete picture of ongoing passenger conversations at your airport.

BizTweet is also continuing to collaborate with Dubai International Airports to further improve travellers’ experience by enabling passengers, who are registered to receive flight updates, receive exclusive offers and discounts throughout the airports via Twitter, making their time at the airport a little more rewarding.

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