Blockchain Sandbox for the Aviation Industry

June 27, 2018

Some exciting news for developers on the Blockchain front with the launch of a major industry research project by SITA to explore the potential of blockchain.

The Aviation Blockchain Sandbox will be led and managed by SITA Lab, SITA’s technology research team, and will develop in stages. For a start, SITA is opening the Flight Chain project to airlines and airports in September. FlightChain was SITA’s blockchain trial, with British Airways, Heathrow, Geneva Airport and Miami International Airport, using smart contracts for shared control of data. The company is welcoming interested industry players to use the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox at no cost to them.

During the second stage of this collaborative innovation, SITA will work with organizations that wish to test smart contracts across a number of airline and airport operational use cases. The last stage of the research, expected to start in late 2018, will allow participants to run their own node.

Read the full press release here.