Airlines flexing development muscle with iTravel API

June 13, 2014

A number of airlines have recently upgraded to the latest version of iTravel®, SITA's mobile application for airline passenger services, which enables airlines to implement secure and streamlined access to shopping, booking, check-in, flight and airline Information, and loyalty functionality across a range of mobile devices.

This latest version is now based on the powerful iTravel API (Application Programming Interface), allowing airline developers’ greater flexibility and control in the development of their mobile apps, irrespective of the device platform.

APIs are a simpler, more lightweight, scalable technology that facilitate quick time-to-market for mobile apps and enable the developer to concentrate on developing apps across the spectrum of the passenger journey without requiring familiarity with complex airline business operations. The API provides a simple, convenient and cost effective alternative to the conventional development of airline customer applications using SITA’s Reservation Web Services (SRWS)*.

The iTravel API is component of Horizon, SITA's next-generation passenger management system and provides all the basic travel utilities that customers require in a secure environment, at a competitive price. In addition, valuable business intelligence on passenger behavior and value to the airline is captured, offering airlines more opportunities to predict individual customer requirements and increase ancillary revenues.

* Only available to airlines hosted on Horizon, SITA’s passenger services system, or their accredited developers)

For more details, please contact Peter Hopwood, Product Manager, iTravel API