APIs for Tnooz THack, Sydney

March 21, 2013

We are delighted to announce that SITA will be making the APIs available for the Tnooz THack event in Sydney. These developer hacking events are aimed at giving developers access to Travel APIs that are normally closed. The event will be held over 8 days and presentations of hacks will be on the 11th April, in Sydney.

Here’s a roundup of the APIs we are making available:

  • Airport API - The Airport API is a simple general purpose information API to get location, time zone, country and full name information for airports. Use it to power your Google Maps mashups.
  • Boarding Pass API - The Boarding Pass API is used to distribute boarding passes to passengers, and dynamically update passengers when gates or flight times change. It supports Apple Passbook, and you’ll have full control over the branding of the boarding passes. Feeling artistic? Create an imaginative Passbook and use the APIs to distribute and update it.

For more information on how to join the hack, see

By the way, SITA Lab has some pedigree with THack - we won the inaugural event in London 2011. See our winning entry below: