Welcome Hackers to the SITA Developer.aero API Platform

Below are some quick guidelines on using the APIs to get you started.

For more in-depth information on the APIs, check out the documentation under each API on the site.

For those of you who are new to the world of airline and airport development and don't know your PNR from your GDS, check out our air transport Jargon page.

The following REST APIs are available to hackers for this event:

This API will get basic info about an airport (including lat/long and timezone), search for airport by name, get nearest airport(s) and get distances between airports.

+Airport API

To call the Bag Tag API with your own code, the following API key can be used. Please note keys will only be available for the hackathon event!

+Bag Tag API

This API will return the real time status of a specific bag, or list of bags, on a particular flight. This API is for checking if checked-in bags actually make it onto the flight with the passenger!

+BagJourney API

This API is used for sending a boarding pass to passengers, and then update that boarding pass. You must supply the passenger name and flight number in JSON data and the API will do the rest - send the Boarding Pass via email, passbook, SMS, and mobileweb. To simulate real life scenarios in the airport, you can update the boarding pass with new gate details, boarding times, departure times, etc. The API will then send an update to the passenger.

+Boarding Pass API

This API provides flight statistics and information from airports around the world including scheduled and estimated time of arrival, aircraft type, arrival airport and marketing carrier. This flight information is also available in the ACRIS Seamless Travel format.
The service also includes notifications for status changes to a particular flight.

+Flight Information API

This API is a REST based service which provides map images of flights and their progress on route.

+Flight Follower API

The NameMatching API identifies acceptable differences between passenger names across boarding pass, passport or other travel documents which may differ due to complex naming conventions that exist across different countries, cultures and ethnicities. Names may be altered or abbreviated or salutations may often be omitted. Developers can integrate a name match into any booking, check-in or other security check application.

+Name Matching API

The SITA WaitTime API is a REST based service which provides information about the length of time that a passenger may expect to wait in a particular area, such as an airport security line, or customs queue. WaitTime API provides wait times for queues in an airport.

To access the API you will need an apiKey. The following key is available for the hackathon:

+WaitTime API

The SITA Weather API is a REST based service which provides current and forecasted weather data for locations around the world. Weather API provides current weather conditions and forecast for over 1800 airports, worldwide.

+Weather API

NDC Exchange API is a consumer interface into a multitude of provider services using the NDC messaging format. It also facilitates the transformation from one NDC version to another in addition to transforming other industry standards (OTA & Open Axis) to NDC. Exchange is developed in association with ATPCO.

Click here for more information and sample request and responses for the NDC Exchange API.

Postman Collections

A Postman Collection is available for some APIs. Click on the download link and select Save File ... to download the collection, which you can then import into Postman.
Download Collection

Note: Please note keys will only be available for the hackathon event!

Best of luck from the Developer.aero team!