Status Update Notification

This section describes the Status Update Notification service. It will detail the requirements of the remote endpoint, detail the notification payload, and enumerate the various status types.

Remote Endpoint

As described in the Flight Record and Notifications API sections, a remote endpoint is required to be provided when requesting status updates for a particular flight. The endpoint is assumed to support a REST API. The payload will be POSTED to the endpoint as a JSON payload.


An example status update payload follows:

    "success": true,
    "airportCode": "MCO",
    "adi": "A",
    "updateField": "ESTIMATED",
    "previous": "2015-03-26T13:25:00-0400",
    "current": "2015-03-26T13:25:00-0400",
    "statusCode": 200,
    "flightRecord": [
            "airportCode": "MIA",
            "actual": "2015-03-26T13:25:00-0400",
            "aircraft": "763P",
            "cityText": "Miami",
            "gate": "48",
            "claim": "5",
            "status": "AR",
            "statusText": "Arrived",
            "tailno": "N351AA",
            "operatingCarrier": {
                "airlineCode": "AA",
                "flightNumber": "1429"
            "scheduled": "2015-03-26T13:36:00-0400",
            "estimated": "2015-03-26T13:25:00-0400"

Note that the payload contains the well known flightRecord element. As usual, fields not available will be omitted from the payload (no nulls or 0 length strings).

Each update will contain exactly one status change. The changed status is reflected in the updateField element. Additionally, both the previous (if available) and current (new) data is reflected. The following table enumerates the list of possible changed status fields:

Field Description
GATE Gate change
CLAIM Baggage Claim/Carousel
ACTUAL Actual time of departure or arrival
ESTIMATED Estimated time of departure or arrival
AIRCRAFT Aircraft type change
STATUS Flight status change