FlightInfo API Introduction

The SITA FlIFO API is a REST based service which provides information and status for flights from airports around the world. The service includes subscription based notifications for status changes to a particular flight.

Registration and API Signup

To access the APIs, you will need to be issued with an API key. These values are passed in as a HTTP header (or optionally query parameter).

Note: For now, access to the service is on an invite basis only. Please visit www.developer.aero or contact dots.support@sita.aero for further details.

API Key Usage

The API authentication key will be passed in an HTTP header as follows:

  • HTTP Header parameter name: X-apiKey
  • HTTP Header parameter value: The api key as generated for the application.

SITA FlightInfo API Structure

The scheme, domain and high level path parameters portion of the URL is:


where flifo is the functional domain.

Following the flifo parameter and version, the next path parameter defines the service called. As of this version, the following functions are provided:

Function Description
flight Request fight information for a single (directional) flight.
flights Request flight information for all flights for an airline, at an airport, arriving or departing, on a particular day.
notifications Request to receive status updates for a flight.
flights/updates Request update flight information for all flights for an airline, at an airport on a particular time interval

The current version is v3. The currently supported endpoints are:

Environment URL
QA https://flifo-qa.api.aero
Production https://flifo.api.aero


All incoming requests will be REST over HTTPS. Users are authenticated using their registered (API) key.