Virgin Atlantic was keen to enhance its passenger check-in experience by offering its passengers the option to send boarding passes to their mobile phones via email or SMS text messages.

Appreciating the power and versatility of RESTful API development, Virgin Atlantic selected the SITA Boarding Pass API to integrate with its web check-in application. Passengers are offered a Send to Mobile option for their boarding passes and can provide either an email address or mobile phone number to which the boarding pass is sent.

A URL of the Boarding Pass location is also provided on the check-in desktop. An option to resend the boarding pass to a new email address or by SMS to a new phone number is also available for added security in case of loss or non-delivery of passes. Boarding passes sent by SMS also include a link to the mobile web page.

The passes are designed to meet TSA requirements and support the Apple Passbook electronic wallet application. Google Now is also an added feature that lets Virgin Atlantic passengers with Gmail addresses get real-time flight status information and have their boarding passes displayed automatically on their Smartphones. The Google Now feature is simply activated when designing the pass by including a markup tag in the body of the Boarding Pass email template.

Virgin branding teams designed the boarding passes using the API development console. The versatility of our API system allowed them full creative licence in developing the application to suit their own business requirements and work flows. One exciting new feature they included is the ability to issue separate boarding passes for infants with an ‘INF’ code as a seat number. The airline’s support team will use the Administration section of the API Console to provide support to customers with facilities such as viewing issued passes, resending passes and other administrative functions.

For further information, please contact Boarding Pass API Product Manager, Rajesh Chilukuri (