Navigating the Airport

Day of Travel

Our partner, LocusLabs, provide the world’s most accurate and up-to-date indoor maps for airports. These graphically enhanced, vector based maps, have built-in navigation functionality to guide travellers to their boarding gate or other airport locations. Rich content including images, attributes, keywords and other metadata enable easy discovery of points-of-interest, retail stores and other airport amenities.

Apps for smartphones and other devices can easily exploit the LocusLabs platform to enhance customer experience across a range of airline and airport passenger and operational implementations. Maps and location data are constantly kept up-to-date with curated crowdsourced contributions, LocusLabs data teams, and near real-time data feeds.

For Airports

According to the latest Passenger IT Trends Survey, 83% of air travelers carry a smartphone and 72% would use mobile services, including flight information updates. Airport maps can easily be integrated into airport mobile apps using the AirportMap API. This technology can significantly enhance the airport experience for passengers and help airports increase their non-aeronautical revenues by enabling travellers to take full advantage of all the retail, dining and other amenities that the airport has to offer.

SITA has introduced its own Day of Travel location-aware airport app to the market providing highly visual airport maps and navigation routes which are combined with passenger itinerary, airport and flight data in addition to beacon technology to deliver personalized, location-targeted content and calls-to-action for passengers. The LocusLabs AirportMap API is an integral part of the Day of Travel suite of APIs to provide up-to-the-minute information on flight status, route maps, walk times, and much more.

Each device-native Day of Travel App is built to the airport's specific needs and brand requirements and opens up a new platform for advertising, sponsorship and airport loyalty programs, sharing information on shops and catering locations, along with special offers and other services.

If you are an airport and require further information on the AirportMaps API or the SITA Day of Travel App, please contact the Product Manager, Jerry Zeephat (

For Airlines

Airlines are increasingly investing in new technologies to keep their passengers connected and informed throughout their travel experience including their journey through the airport to the boarding gate and navigating to the correct baggage carousel on arrival.

Airlines looking to integrate Airport Maps into their passenger apps can contact LocusLabs at