Usage Support

Usage Reports provide detailed information of boarding passes issued for this airline partition including delivery statistics and boarding pass content.

The reports available are:

  • Transaction Summary Report
  • Boarding Pass Log
  • Monthly Transaction Report (CSV format)
  • Search

Viewing a Transaction Summary Report

Select Usage Reports > Summary Report to display summary transaction counts for selected date periods which show aggregate totals for Success, SMS and Email and SMS and Email Errors.

The report is displayed in a graphical format and transactions can be viewed by 1 day, 5 day, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 1 year time periods by selecting the appropriate Zoom option on the report.

Summary Transaction Report

Viewing Boarding Passes and Distributed Content

When developing and designing boarding pass templates, you can verify your template design and content by issuing the boarding pass and then checking the pass in the Boarding Pass report.

Select Usage Report > Boarding Passes to display a list of all issued boarding passes.

Viewing Boarding Passes

Boarding passes are displayed as follows depending on successful or unsuccessful delivery:

  • Green - Delivery successful
  • Red - Delivery unsuccessful
  • Blue - Pending Delivery

The following information is listed for each boarding pass:

  • Boarding Pass ID
  • Departure Date
  • Departure Time
  • Flight
  • Departure Airport
  • Arrival Airport
  • PNR
  • Distribution Channel if applicable, otherwise defaults to API.
  • Passenger Telephone
  • Passenger Email Address

When you click on an individual boarding pass on the list, you can view additional details including the content and barcode of the pass and also any errors that have occured in the delivery of the boarding pass.

The boarding pass content for each delivery methods can also be inspected to see exactly what is delivered to the passenger.

Select a boarding pass from the list and click on one of the URLs as shown below to view the content.

View Web Page{airline partition code}/M/PNRxxx/{ID}.html

View Email{airline partition code}/E/PNRxxx/{ID}.html

View Email Subject{airline partition code}/J/PNRxxx/{ID}.html

View SMS{airline partition code}/S/PNRxxx/{ID}.html

View Push{airline partition code}/P/PNRxxx/{ID}.html

If you click on the web page link, a page similar to the following is displayed:

Viewing Web Page Content

You can copy this URL into the browser on your test mobile device to see the actual mobile display of the content.

By clicking on the Add to Passbook icon, you can create a *.pkpass file to add the boarding pass to a Passbook on an iPhone or iPod.

Exporting Reports

You can generate and email a monthly transaction report at any time if requested by an airline.

Select Usage Reports > Export Data to email the report.

The report is emailed as a CSV file and can be viewed in most spreadsheet applications or other tools.

Enter an email address and the required monthly report on this page.

Exporting Transaction Reports

Searching for Boarding Passes

You can search for specific boarding pass data in the console using different criteria.

Select Usage Reports > Search to search boarding pass data.

Searching Boarding Pass Data

Enter the required criteria in the boxes provided and click on the appropriate search button. The boarding passes associated with the specified criteria will be displayed.

Select a boarding pass and click on the Get Transactions button to get all the transactions associated with that boarding pass.