Methods To Retrieve Boarding Passes

These APIs are used by applications to query the system for boarding passes for particular passengers.
The sysem will return boarding passes that have been issued for the specified id, PNR, ticket, email addresses, phone numbers or FF (Frequent Flyer) numbers.

The API is intended for use by Smartphone applications so a passenger can query the server to refresh their boarding pass list.

An API test page similar to the one below is displayed for these methods.

Retrieve Boarding Passes


  • List By Id{AirlineCode}/id
  • List By Issuer Id{AirlineCode}/IssuerId
  • List By PNR{AirlineCode}/PNR
  • List By Ticket{AirlineCode}/ticketNumber
  • List By Phone{AirlineCode}/phoneNumbers
  • List By Email{AirlineCode}/emails
  • List By FF Numbers{AirlineCode}/ffNumbers
  • List By Phones, Email or FF Number{AirlineCode}/phones/emails/ffNumbers


A list of boarding passes matching the search criteria.