Update Flight Information

This API is used to update information such as departure gate, departure time, and boarding time for all passes issued on a particular flight.

Resource Path

https://bpass.api.aero/api/{AirlineCode}/{id}/ - to retrieve by Allocated ID.

https://bpass.api.aero/api/byissuerid/{AirlineCode}/{IssuerId}/ - to retrieve by IssuerId.



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<UpdateFlightRequest depAirportCode="BOS" arrAirportCode="JFK" carrier="XS" flightNumber="56" 
 depDate="2013-02-27" > <Details gate="213" boardingHHMM="18:40" departHHMM="19:10" message="Sample" /> </UpdateFlightRequest>

The flight is identified by its departure, arrival, carrier, number and date. All attributes must be specified in the request.

All items to be updated must be specified in the Details section. Omit any attributes that do not require updating. For example, to just update the GateInformation, just specify the gate attribute.

Do Not specify an empty attribute for the boarding time as this will update the boarding time to "" on all issued passes!


The response contains a list of all updated boarding passes.