ReIssue Boarding Pass

Reissue Boarding Pass should be used to do a complete update and reissue for an already issued boarding pass.
It uses the same end points and payload as the IssueBoarding Pass Request but with the following differences:

  1. The type attribute should be set to reissue
  2. The request must contain either an id or IssueId attribute. Only one of these need to be specified.

The following is an example to change the seat number for the passenger's boarding pass and reissue.

<xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes">
<Request type="reissue" IssuerId="2326465465465DUB" emailAddress="" 
 channel="W2M" mobileNumber="353868090739"> <Parameters /> <Barcode firstName="John" lastName="Smyth" title="MR" bookingRef="P12345" depAirportCode="DUB"
   carrier="XS" flightNumber="56" depDate="2012-09-20" classCode="Y" seatNumber="22B" seqNumber="002"
   ffAirline="XS" ffNumber="123456789" ticketNumber="232123456789012" freeBaggageAllowance="1PC"
   airlineUseData="" /> </Request>