API Keys

API methods require a key to enable them to be called by the airline application. Each airline application will typically use its own assigned API key but you can use the same key for a number of applications or to seperate development and production usage.

When generating an API key, you need to provide a name to identify the purpose of the key, Development Application - Android or Check-in Production Application. This name is used for reporting and tracking purposes.

Please note the following in relation of keys:

  • The key will only work for the airline for which it has been created.
  • An administrator can only cancel or disable a key.
  • A developer can have many keys. For example, one key can be created for application development and a seperate key used for production.

Adding a New API key

To add a new API Key:

  1. Select Application Developers > My API Keys.
  2. Click on the Add Application button. The Add New API Key dialog is displayed.
  3. Adding a New API Key
  4. Add a Name for the new key, for example, Android Development or Check-in Production.
  5. The key is enabled by default. If you want to disable it, untick the Enable check box.
  6. Click on the Save button.

The new API key and application is listed on the My APIs page

Click on the Edit icon () to edit your API key details, if required.

Viewing All API Keys

All API keys that are created within this airline partition by you or other authorised developers can be viewed by the All API Keys menu options. You can also edit your own keys but you must have administration rights if you want to disable or edit other developer's keys.

  1. Select Application Developers > All API Keys
  2. Viewing All API Keys
  3. Click on the Edit icon () to edit the API key details, if required.