Digital Signing of Boarding Passes

The digital signing of Apple Passbooks and barcodes for TSA security requirements and the management of security certificates and key pairs is a major aspect of the creation and distribution of boarding passes.

The Boarding Pass API development console provides all the functionality required to streamline these operations and enable you to upload Certificates and Keys to our highly secure servers, from where the boarding passes can be signed.

Barcode Signing

SITA offers a range of cost effective and flexible options to manage the security aspect of the boarding pass process with its secure and fully integrated Barcode Signing applications.

The Boarding Pass API can create IATA and United States TSA compliant two-dimensional boarding passes using the universally accepted Aztec 2D barcode standard.

Offering a full turn-key service to a 'pass through' facility for airline security data, SITA can:

  • fully manage the process of barcode signing and interaction with the TSA.
  • sign the barcode on behalf of the airline but all TSA interaction is managed by the airline, or
  • enable the airline to retain full control of the process of barcode signing and interaction with the TSA.

The console enables you to view summary information regarding a private key if one has been uploaded. (See Viewing Barcode Information in Appendix C). Uploading private keys and changing key details is done using the CertManager application. If you need to use the API to sign barcodes on your airline's behalf, contact SITA for access details to upload your Private Key.

Passbook Signing

Passbook passes must be signed by the issuer in order for them to be displayed in the Passbook application. You can upload your Apple Developer Certificate and Key to our servers from within the Boarding Pass API console and SITA can sign the pkpass Passbook files on your behalf.

Refer to the SITA Boarding Pass API - Apple Passbook Customisation Guide for information on digitally signing Passbook passes.