Application Support

The Application Support menu option enables you to monitor transactions, times and costs associated with the usage of the API.

Viewing a Transaction Log

For each airline partition, the Boarding Pass API logs all of the boarding pass transactions that are processed by the API.

Select Application Support > Transaction Logs to view a transaction log.

Viewing Transaction Logs

Transactions are displayed in green if boarding pass successfully delivered or red if unsuccessful.

The following information is available for each transaction:

  • Transaction ID
  • Boarding Pass ID/Number
  • Delivery Type (API, Email, SMS, NFC)
  • Delivery success or failure
  • Transaction Timestamp
  • Time Period (length of processing time)

When you click on an individual transaction, the following additional information is also displayed for the transaction:

  • Remote ID
    Description of remote system or remote transaction identifier if one exists.
  • Request
    The content of the delivery request.
  • Response
    The content of the response.

You can select to view all the transactions or filter them by Type.

Click on the older or newer links on the top right hand side of the log to scroll through the pages of the log.

Review SMS Changes

If your application is using SITA's SMS service, you can review SMS changes for boarding passes issued using the API.

Select Application Support > SMS Charges to view a list of charges.

Viewing SMS Charges

Select the month that you require the charges for and then click on the Get SMS Charges button.