Mandatory Fields

At a minimum, all mandatory items in RFC792 must be present up to and including a '00' length field to indicate there are no conditional items present. The following fields will be extracted from this data and available in templates.

Field IATA Name Sample
${BRec.paxName} Passenger Name SMITH/JOHN
${BRec.bookingRef} Operating carrier PNR code PNR101
${BRec.deptAirportCode From City Airport Code TXL
${BRec.arrAirportCode To City Airport Code MUC
${Brec.carrier} Operating carrier designator LH
${BRec.flightNumber} Flight Number 2229
${BRec.depDDMMM} Date of Flight (converted from Julian to DDMMM) 12JAN
${BRec.seatNumber} Seat Number 7A
${BRec.seqNumber} Sequence Number 002