Barcode Encoded Data

API Field Sample
Barcode M1SMITH/JOHN PNR101 TXLMUCLH 2229 292C007A00002100>20B0  0123BLH              2920 0015130002 020K

Barcode is a mandatory field in the issue Boarding Pass API. It contains the barcode contents.

The data is available for use in all templates. The following shows the barcode data decoded and the field name which can be used to access it.

Field Description Sample
${BRec.paxName} Passenger Name IATA format lastname/firstname with title. Note only the first 20 characters are available due to IATA encoding. SMITH/JOHN
${BRec.carrier} 2 letter IATA code for operating carrier for flight. LH
${BRec.flightNumber} Flight Number. 2229
${BRec.deptAirportCode} IATA Departure Airport Code. TXL
${BRec.arrAirportCode} IATA Arrival Airport Code. MUC
${BRec.depDDMMM} Departure Date. 12JAN
${BRec.seatNumber} Seat Number. 7A
${BRec.seqNumber} Sequence Number. 002
${BRec.bookingRef} PNR/Booking Reference Number. PNR101
${BRec.bookingClassCode} RBD for flight. Y
${BRec.ffNumber} Frequent Flyer Number (may not be present). 12345678
${BRec.ffAirline} Frequent Flyer Airline (may not be present). LH
${BRec.ffTier} Frequent Flyer Tier (may not be present). Silver
${BRec.ffMiles} Frequent Flyer Miles (may not be present. Silver
${BRec.airlineUseData} Airline Specific Info in barcode (may not be present). LX1234
${BRec.freeBaggageAllowance} Free baggage allowance in barcode. 2PC
${BRec.ticketNumber} Ticket Number in barcode (may not be present). 2321234567890
${BRec.barcodeData} The encoded string according to IATA 762 as delivered to the API when creating the barcode. M1...